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In life ...
I'm a French Canadian from Montréal. I have participated in Wikipedia since 2003 under different IP addresses, but since November 2006 I have been using the pseudonym Antaya. I am self-taught and multidisciplinary, I have studied journalism, French literature, communications, radio broadcasting, publicity, sommelier studies, and environmental sciences. I am a professional in many spheres, but to specify only one, I work in the wide world of radio communications and computer programming. I am also curious about history, geography, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, architecture, music, frugality and... travelling by hitchhiking! I have visited 12 countries using only my thumb! I am passionate about many subjects, but communication tools are my predilection, which explains my interest in this encyclopedia.
In Wikipedia ...
I'm mostly involved in the French versions of WikiProject Templates and Infoboxes, I have created several hundred of each. I am invested in the project Infobox V2, designed to standardize infoboxes to a single class. I also get involved actively in the back room of Wikipedia including resolution of interwiki links, translation projects, categories, the graphic workshop, and the French American newsletter, which occupy most of my time on Wikipedia.
In other projects ...
I mainly contribute to Wikipedia, but I am also involved in Wikimedia Canada, Wikimedia Commons and Ekopedia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via my talk page!