Samantha Mathis

(Preusmjereno sa stranice Samanta Matis)

Samanta Matis (engl. Samantha Mathis) je američka glumica, rođena 12. maja 1970. godine u Njujorku (SAD).

Samanta Matis
Biografske informacije
RođenjeSamanta Matis
12. maj 1970.

Filmografija uredi

Year Title Role
1988 Aaron's Way: The Harvest Roseanne Miller
1988 Aaron's Way Roseanne Miller
1988–1989 Knightwatch Jacqueline "Jake" Monroe
1989 Forbidden Sun Paula
1989 Cold Sassy Tree Lightfoot McClendon
1989 CBS Summer Playhouse Mary Dunne
1990 Pump Up the Volume Nora Diniro
1990 Extreme Close-Up Laura
1990 83 Hours 'Til Dawn Julie Burdock
1990 To My Daughter Anne Carlston
1992 This Is My Life Erica Ingels
1992 FernGully: The Last Rainforest Crysta
1993 The Music of Chance Tiffany
1993 Super Mario Bros. Princess Daisy
1993 The Thing Called Love Miranda Presley
1994 Little Women Older Amy March
1995 Jack and Sarah Amy
1995 How to Make an American Quilt Young Sophia Darling Richards
1995 The American President Janie Basdin
1996 Broken Arrow Terry Carmichael
1996 Museum of Love Stephanie
1998 Waiting for Woody Gail Silver
1998 Sweet Jane Jane
1998 Freak City Ruth Ellison
1999 The Outer Limits Marie Wells
1999–2000 Harsh Realm Sophie Green
2000 The Simian Line Mae
2000 American Psycho Courtney Rawlinson
2000 Mermaid Rhonda
2000 Attraction Corey
2001 First Years Anna Weller
2001 Night Visions Diane Barnes
2001 The Mists of Avalon Gwenhwyfar
2002 Becoming Glen
2002 PBS Hollywood Presents Lisa Morrison
2002 Collected Stories Lisa Morrison
2003 The Twilight Zone Rachel
2003 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Hilary Barclay
2004 The Punisher Maria Castle
2004 'Salem's Lot Susan Norton
2005 Fathers and Sons Jenny
2005 Kids in America Jennifer Rose
2005 Touched Jeannie Bates
2005 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Dr. Christine Ansel
2006 Secrets of a Small Town Samantha Steele
2006 Believe in Me Jean Driscoll
2006 House, M.D. Maria Palko
2006 Local Color Carla
2006 Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King Karen Evans
2006 Absolution Bettina Lloyd
2007 A Stranger's Heart Callie Morgan
2007 Lost Učiteljica Olivia
2007 Oprah Winfrey Presents: Mitch Albom's For One More Day Mlada Pauline "Posey" Benetto
2009 Grey's Anatomy Melinda Prescott
2009 Order of Chaos Jennifer
2009 The New Daughter Cassandra
2009 Lebanon, Pa. Vicki
2009 Royal Pains Amy Hill
2010 Buried Linda Conroy
2011 Curb Your Enthusiasm Donna

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