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*[[Čileanska ratna mornarica]]
*[[Carabineros de Chile|Čileanski karabinjeri]]
| komandant1 = {{flag icon|Čile}} [[Salvador Allende]]<br />{{flag icon|Čile}} [[Orlando Letelier]]<br />{{flag icon|Čile}} Ariel Fontana<br />{{flagicon image|Flag of the MIR - Chile.svg}} [[Miguel Enríquez]]
| komandant2 = {{flag icon|Čile}} [[Augusto Pinochet]]<br />{{flag icon|Čile}} [[Gustavo Leigh]]<br />{{flag icon|Čile}} [[José Toribio Merino]]<br />{{flag icon|Čile}} [[César Mendoza]]
== Vanjske veze ==
* [http://archives.cnn.com/2000/WORLD/americas/09/20/cia.chile/index.html CIA acknowledges involvement in Allende's overthrow Pinochet's rise, CNN.]
* [http://www.salvador-allende.cl/Cronologia/cronologia.htm Cronología], Salvador-Allende.cl, originally published in ''Archivo Salvador Allende'', number 14. An extensive Spanish-language site providing a day-by-day chronology of the Allende era. This is clearly a partisan, pro-Allende source, but the research and detail are enormous. {{es icon}}
* [http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/latin_america/chile.htm National Security Archive's Chile Documentation Project] which provides documents obtained from FOIA requests regarding U.S. involvement in Chile, beginning with attempts to promote a coup in 1970 and continuing through U.S. support for Pinochet
* [http://foia.state.gov/Reports/ChurchReport.asp US Dept. of State FOIA Church Report (Covert Action in Chile)]
* [http://www.democracynow.org/2010/9/15/another_9_11_anniversary_september_11 11 September 1973, When US-Backed Pinochet Forces Took Power in Chile] – video report by ''[[Democracy Now!]]''
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