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Sniglet je neologizam, popularizovan od komičara/glumca Rich Hall tokom njegove karijere 80-ih na HBO komediji Not Necessarily the News. Svaka epizoda je prikazivala redovan segment o snigletima, koje je Hall opisao kao "any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should" (sh. bilo koja reč koja se ne pojavljuje u rečniku, ali bi trebalo). Hallovi sopstveni snigleti, zajedno sa podnescima fanova, su prikupljeni u nekoliko tomova, počev od "Sniglets" i "More Sniglets".


Mnogi snigleti su portmanteau reči, u komičnom stilu često pripisivanom da potiče od Lewis Carroll-a.

Sniglets and societyUredi

In a 1990 interview, Hall was asked if the "Sniglets books [were] completely for comic value?" He answered,

Yeah. Well, no. I wouldn't say they're completely for comic value. I mean, I get letters from schools all the time saying how they've incorporated a sniglet book into their reading program. You can look at a lot of the words and sort of break them down into their etymological origins. And you can learn a lot about how and where words derive from. When you assign this frailty of human nature a word, then the word has to work. It has to either be a hybrid of several other words, or have a Latin origin, or something.[1]

Sniglets examplesUredi

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  • Toastaphobia: The fear of sticking a fork in a toaster even when it's unplugged.
  • Adam 69: Two police cars, parked next to each other, facing opposite directions, in such a way that the drivers' side doors are only inches from each other, allowing the officers to chat with each other while waiting for a traffic violation to happen.
  • Anniversorry: The act of buying presents, especially diamonds, to make up for a forgotten anniversary.
  • Sark: The marks left on one's ankle after wearing tube socks all day.
  • Pre-autoistic McConsumption: The tendency to start eating your french fries in the car on your way home.
  • Idiot Box: The part of the envelope that tells a person where to place the stamp when they can't quite figure it out for themselves.
  • Ancinemation: The curious act of waiting in line to see a movie and watching exiting movie goers' reactions to see if they liked the movie or not.
  • Downpause: The split second interruption of rain as you drive your car under a bridge.[2]
  • Lactomangulation: Manhandling the "open here" spout on a milk carton so badly that one has to resort to using the "illegal" side.
  • Televator: The rolling line on a TV when the Horizontal hold isn't adjusted.
  • Alcolean: The point just before a drunk person starts to stumble.
  • Cinemuck: The sticky substance on the floor of a movie theater.
  • Nerkle: Someone who leaves their Christmas lights/decorations up all year.
  • Doork: A person who tries to enter through a door clearly marked 'Exit'.[3]
  • Magnacarta: The lonely car in lot that always attracts shopping carts
  • Idiolocation: The spot on the map marked "You are here."[4]
  • Icealanche: The avalanche of ice that occurs when a glass or cup is tipped up to drink the last of the liquid.

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