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Regards. [[User:Robin_Hood|Robin des Bois ♘]] ➳ [[User_talk:Robin_Hood | ✉]] 04:27, 29 april-травањ 2007 (CEST)
:Then [[:Category:Humanističke nauke]] should not be linked to the French ''Sciences humaines''. You see, Humanities cannot be considered as Sciences. It was a set of academic disciplines in some colleges and universities. Then my concept of the word ''Nauke'' is probably wrong. It is odd though, that in most slavic languages, it has more or less the same form.
:Human sciences are the sciences related to humans are often confused with social sciences. Human sciences include disciplines such as archeology and anthropology. However, this kind of categorisation tends to disappear in English as well as in French. [[User:Robin_Hood|Robin des Bois ♘]] ➳ [[User_talk:Robin_Hood | ✉]] 01:58, 3 May 2007 (CEST)