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[[User:Andrej Šalov|Andrej Šalov]] 15:48, 31 siječanj-јануар 2007 (CET)
== [[:Category:Društvene nauke]] ==
Hello Igorwindsor,
Are you sure that the above category should be linked to [[:la:Categoria:Sociologia]]? If I understand well Sociology is only one aspect of the Social sciences. What is your opinion?
Regards. [[User:Robin_Hood|Robin des Bois ♘]] ➳ [[User_talk:Robin_Hood | ✉]] 00:28, 15 ožujak-март 2007 (CET)
''I took the liberty to copy here my message from your archive, since I got no reply. [[User:Robin_Hood|Robin des Bois ♘]] ➳ [[User_talk:Robin_Hood | ✉]] 04:27, 29 april-травањ 2007 (CEST) ''
== [[:Category:Humanističke nauke]] ==
And while we're at it, I have one more concern. I know that this category should be translated by ''Human science''. However, the category contains sub-cats and articles relating to philosphy and history. Traditionally, these belong to a discipline known in English as ''Humanities''. Therefore the classification given in the page [[Nauka]] was problably translated as such from the English from the UNESCO's classification. Humanities also include litterature and law. That is why it is distinguished from the Human sciences in English. Its equivalent in French is ''Lettres'', in German, ''Geisteswissenschaft'' (Science of the spirit), and in Swedish, ''Humaniora''. Is there such an equivalent in the slavic languages?
Regards. [[User:Robin_Hood|Robin des Bois ♘]] ➳ [[User_talk:Robin_Hood | ✉]] 04:27, 29 april-травањ 2007 (CEST)