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=== Sekundarni materijal ===
* [http://www.skyscript.co.uk/ptolemy.html Ptolemy at SkyScript] - ''The Life and Work of Ptolemy''
* [http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~ajones/ptolgeog/ Alexander Jones, "Ptolemy and his ''Geography''"]
* [http://obs.nineplanets.org/psc/theman.html Ptolemy biography] (Bill Arnett's site)
* [http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~fhasele/ptolemaeus/index.html Ptolemy's Geography] - Selected problems of Ptolemy's Geography (currently in German)
* [http://www.fiks.de/rom/index.htm?rom10.htm Ptolemy's Geography of Northwestern Europe]
* [http://www.newberry.org/smith/slidesets/ss08.html History of Cartography] including a discussion of the Geographica
* [http://www.csiss.org/classics/content/76 Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy): Representation, Understanding, and Mathematical Labeling of the Spherical Earth]
* [http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~fhasele/ptolemaeus/Frames/Literatur-Ptolemaeus.html Literature about the Geography (Geographike Hyphegesis) of Claudius Ptolemy]
* [http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Eratosthenes.htm Eratosthenes of Cyrene - Some Remarks]