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*[http://archnet.org/lobby.tcl ArchNet: extensive site on Islamic architecture]
*[http://www.muslimheritage.com/virtual_civilization/default.cfm Muslim Heritage]
*[http://geocities.com/artofislam Art of Islamic: Examples of Great Islamic Artwork Throughout History]
*[http://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/2004/islamic/index.shtm Palace and Mosque: Islamic Art from the Victoria and Albert Museum at the National Gallery of Art, Washington]
*[http://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/2004/artexchange/artexchange_ss.shtm Artistic Exchange: Europe and the Islamic World Selections from the Permanent Collection at the National Gallery of Art]
* [http://www.islamic-art.org Islamic Art Network - Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation]
* [http://www.islamicarchitecture.org/art/index.html Islamic Art Review]
* [http://www.islamicamagazine.com/content/view/81/61/ What is Islamic Art?] an article by Lucien de Guise
* [http://arabworld.nitle.org/introduction.php?module_id=12 Art and architecture module at NITLE]