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== Eksterni linkovi ==
<!-- YOU CAN HELP: Find which assertions (especially in "Subsequent world wars") these go with, and make them into references as soon as you can. -->
* [ Transcript of PNAC members James Woolsey, William Bennet, and Paul Bremer discussing fellow PNAC-member Elliot Cohen's WWII and WWIV terminology as used by PNAC and people in positions of influence and power in the USA]
* [ The Project for the New American Century, many of whose members are in positions of power and influence in the USA]
* [ This is the Fourth World War], an interview with philosopher Jean Baudrillard
* [ “World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win” by Norman Podhoretz in ''Commentary'' magazine, September 2004]
* [ Understanding World War 4 and the War of Terror]
* [ The Fourth World War] (movie)
* [ World War 4 Report] (website)
* [ "World War IV: A Letter to the President"](movie)