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== Literatura ==
* [[Pol Dirak|P. A. M. Dirac]], ''The Principles of Quantum Mechanics'' (1930) -- the beginning chapters provide a very clear and comprehensible introduction
* [[David J. Griffiths]], ''Introduction to Quantum Mechanics'', Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN 0-13-111892-7 -- {{Please check ISBN|0-13-111892-7 -- }} A standard undergraduate level text written in an accessible style.
* [[Ričard Fejnman|Richard P. Feynman]], [[Robert B. Leighton]] and Matthew Sands (1965). ''[[The Feynman Lectures on Physics]]'', Addison-Wesley. Richard Feynman's original lectures (given at [[Caltech]] in early 1962) can also be downloaded as an MP3 file from www.audible.com[http://www.audible.com]
* [[Hugh Everett]], Relative State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics, ''Reviews of Modern Physics'' vol 29, (1957) pp 454-462.
* [[Bryce DeWitt]], [[R. Neill Graham]], eds, ''The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics'', Princeton Series in Physics, [[Princeton University Press]] (1973), ISBN 0-691-08131-X
* Albert Messiah, ''Quantum Mechanics'', English translation by G. M. Temmer of ''Mécanique Quantique'', 1966, John Wiley and Sons, vol. I, chapter IV, section III.
* Gunther Ludwig, "Wave Mechanics" (Pergamon Press, 1968) ISBN 0-08-203204-1
* Albert Messiah, ''Quantum Mechanics'' (Vol. I), English translation from French by G. M. Temmer, fourth printing 1966, North Holland, John Wiley & Sons.
* Eric R. Scerri, The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance, Oxford University Press, 2006. Considers the extent to which chemistry and especially the periodic system has been reduced to quantum mechanics. ISBN 0-19-530573-6
* Slobodan Macura, Jelena Radić-Perić, ATOMISTIKA, Fakultet za fizičku hemiju Univerziteta u Beogradu/Službeni list, Beograd, 2004. (stara kvantna teorija i većina utemeljivaćkih eksperimentata).
* [http://higgo.com/quantum/laymans.htm A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics]
* [http://cam.qubit.org/wiki/index.php/Introduction_to_Quantum_Theory Introduction to Quantum Theory at Quantiki]
* [http://bethe.cornell.edu/ Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple]: three video lectures by [[Hans Bethe]]
* [http://www.decoherence.de/ Decoherence] by Erich Joos
* [http://www.canadaconnects.ca/quantumphysics/10050/1074/ Getting Started with Quantum] an Essay for the Uninitiated
'''Materijal za kurs:'''
* [[MIT OpenCourseWare]]: [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Chemistry/index.htm Chemistry]. See [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Chemistry/5-61Fall-2004/CourseHome/index.htm 5.61], [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Chemistry/5-73Fall-2005/CourseHome/index.htm 5.73], and [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Chemistry/5-74Spring-2005/CourseHome/index.htm 5.74]
* MIT OpenCourseWare: [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/index.htm Physics]. See [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/8-04Quantum-Physics-ISpring2003/CourseHome/index.htm 8.04], [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/8-05Fall-2004/CourseHome/index.htm 8.05], and [http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/8-06Spring-2005/CourseHome/index.htm 8.06].
* [http://www.imperial.ac.uk/quantuminformation/qi/tutorials Imperial College Quantum Mechanics Course to Download]
* [http://www.sparknotes.com/testprep/books/sat2/physics/chapter19section3.rhtml Spark Notes - Quantum Physics]
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