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== Bibliografija ==
* ''The Secret Power Within: Zen Solutions to Real Problems'', Zen Buddhism and martial arts. Little, Brown and Company (1996). ISBN 0-316-58350-2.
* ''Against All Odds: My Story'', an autobiography. Broadman & Holman Publishers (2004). ISBN 0-8054-3161-6.
* ''The Justice Riders'', [[Wild West]] novels. Broadman & Holman Publishers (2006). ISBN 0-8054-4032-1.
== Izvori ==
* [http://www.ChunKukDo.com/ Official Chun Kuk Do Website]
* [http://www.WND.com/news/archives.asp?AUTHOR_ID=274 Archive of Chuck Norris columns at WorldNetDaily]
* [http://www.PerfectPeople.net/celebrity-star/1296/chuck-norris.htm Perfect People Celebrity Site - a few Chuck Norris Videos]
* [http://www.maxim.com/2007Sdudeliestdudesoftheyear/articles/1/8176.aspx?src=MK3982:MD Chuck is named to Maxim.com's Top Dudeliest Dudes list of 2007]