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Rescuing 1 sources and tagging 0 as dead.) #IABot (v2.0.8
(Rescuing 1 sources and tagging 0 as dead.) #IABot (v2.0.8)
*[http://www.metrika.com/ Metrika: A1C test for professionals and consumers.]
*[http://www.devicelink.com/ivdt/archive/08/07/009.html Developing Point of care HbA1c tests for Diabetes monitoring. Aug 2008] Discusses different test methods
*[http://professional.diabetes.org/GlucoseCalculator.aspx HbA1c to eAG (estimated Average Glucose) calculator] {{Webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20100105122305/http://professional.diabetes.org/GlucoseCalculator.aspx |date=2010-01-05 }} in mmol/l and mg/dl including resources.
*[http://www.diabetes.co.uk/what-is-hba1c.html What is HbA1c?]
*[http://www.acb.org.uk/docs/NHLM/HbA1c%201.pdf HbA1c: analyte monograph] - The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine.