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U [[Posebno:Doprinosi]] oznaka za najnoviju izmjenu na nekom članku izgleda kao "'''( (vrh))'''", no možda bi ljepše izgledalo kao "'''(vrh)'''" (kako se prikazuje i na drugim Wikipedijama). Na stranici [[MediaWiki:Parentheses-start]] trebalo bi ukloniti razmak nakon zagrade, a na stranici [[MediaWiki:Uctop]] zagrade oko "vrh". --[[Korisnik:Hmxhmx|Hmxhmx]] ([[Razgovor sa korisnikom:Hmxhmx|razgovor]]) 15:03, 27 rujan-септембар 2019 (CEST)
== The consultation on partial and temporary Foundation bans just started ==
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In a [[:en:Wikipedia:Community_response_to_the_Wikimedia_Foundation%27s_ban_of_Fram/Official_statements#Board_statement|recent statement]], the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees [[:en:Wikipedia:Community_response_to_the_Wikimedia_Foundation%27s_ban_of_Fram/Official_statements#Board_statement|requested that staff hold a consultation]] to "re-evaluat[e] or add community input to the two new office action policy tools (temporary and partial Foundation bans)".
Accordingly, the Foundation's Trust & Safety team invites all Wikimedians [[:m:Office actions/Community consultation on partial and temporary office actions/09 2019|to join this consultation and give their feedback]] from 30 September to 30 October.
How can you help?
* Suggest how partial and temporary Foundation bans should be used, if they should (eg: On all projects, or only on a subset);
* Give ideas about how partial and temporary Foundation bans should ideally implemented, if they should be; and/or
* Propose changes to the existing Office Actions policy on partial and temporary bans.
We offer our thanks in advance for your contributions, and we hope to get as much input as possible from community members during this consultation!
</div>-- [[user:Kbrown (WMF)|Kbrown (WMF)]] 19:14, 30 rujan-септембар 2019 (CEST)
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