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[[International Standard Book Number|ISBN]] [[Special:BookSources/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]{{#invoke:Check isxn|check_isbn|{{{1}}}|error=&nbsp;<span class="error" style="font-size:88%">Invalid&nbsp;ISBN</span>{{main other|[[Category:Pages with ISBN errors]]}}}}<noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>
{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}#invoke:Unsubst||$N=ISBN |date=__DATE__ |$B=
<!--{{ISBN}} begin-->{{Ambox
| name = ISBN
| subst = <includeonly>{{subst:</includeonly><includeonly>substcheck}}</includeonly>
| type = style
| image = [[Image:Nuvola kdict glass.svg|50x40px]]
| issue = This {{{1|article}}} '''lacks [[International Standard Book Number|ISBN]]s for the books listed in it'''.
| fix = Please {{plainlink|url={{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} make it easier to conduct research}} by listing ISBNs. If the {{tl|Cite book}} or {{tl|citation}} templates are in use, you may [http://tools.wmflabs.org/citations/doibot.php?edit=template&slow=1&user=Biblio+template+user&page={{FULLPAGENAMEE}} add ISBNs automatically], or discuss this issue on the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|talk page]].
| date = {{{date|}}}
| all = Articles lacking ISBNs
}}<!--{{ISBN}} end-->