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'''Jehovini svedoci''' ili '''Jehovni svjedoci''' su [[milenarizam|milenaristička]] [[restoracionizam (kršćanski primitivizam)|restoracionistička]] [[hrišćanstvo|hrišćanska]] [[hrišćanska denominacija|denominacija]] sa [[nontrinitarijanstvo|nontrinitarijanskim]] uverenjima koja je razlikuju od većine drugih hrišćanskih zajednica.<ref>Sources for descriptors:<br />•&nbsp;''Millenarian'': {{Cite book| last = Beckford | first = James A.| title = The Trumpet of Prophecy: A Sociological Study of Jehovah's Witnesses| publisher = Basil Blackwell | year = 1975 | location = Oxford | pages = 118–119, 151, 200–201| isbn = 0-631-16310-7}}<br />•&nbsp;''Restorationist'': {{cite journal| author=Stark | last2=Iannaccone| year=1997| first2=Laurence| title=Why Jehovah's Witnesses Grow So Rapidly: A Theoretical Application| journal=Journal of Contemporary Religion| volume=12| issue=2| pages=133–157| doi=10.1080/13537909708580796}}<br />•&nbsp;''Christian'': {{Cite web |url = http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_defn.htm| title=Religious Tolerance.org}} {{Cite web|url=http://religions.pewforum.org/reports|title= Statistics on Religion}}<br />•&nbsp;''Denomination'': {{Cite web|url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/witnesses/ataglance/glance.shtml|title= Jehovah's Witnesses at a Glance}}{{Cite web | url= http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Jehovah's+Witness|title= The American Heritage Dictionary}}{{Cite web|url=http://en.auschwitz.org/m/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=370&Itemid=8|title= Memorial and Museum AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU}}</ref> Prema navodima same organizacije broji preko 78,963 miliona sledbenika aktivno uključenih u [[evangelizacija|evangelizaciju]],<ref>{{Cite web|url=http://jw-media.org/aboutjw/article41.htm#membership| title=Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: Our History and Organization: Membership|publisher=Office of Public Information of Jehovah's Witnesses|quote=While other religious groups count their membership by occasional or annual attendance, this figure reflects only those who are actively involved in the public Bible educational work [of Jehovah's Witnesses].}}<!-- This quote addresses a common question; please do not remove--></ref> preko 12 miliona članova koji redovno dolaze na godišnje konvencije, te preko 20,08 miliona članova koji proslavljaju Memorijal.<ref>{{cite journal|title=Guided by God's Spirit|journal=Awake!|date= 2008 |month = June |page=32| accessdate = 2012-06-16 | url =http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/102008215}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.jw-media.org/aboutjw/article41.htm#membership|title=Statistics at Jehovah's Witnesses official website, 2010}}</ref> Njima upravlja [[Vladajuće telo Jehovnih svedoka]], koje čine [[Starješina (kršćanstvo)|starešine]] sa sedištem u [[Brooklyn|Bruklinu]], a koje propisuje sve doktrine.<ref name="Holden 2002 22">{{Cite book| last = Holden | first = Andrew | title = Jehovah's Witnesses: Portrait of a Contemporary Religious Movement | publisher = Routledge | year = 2002 | page = 22 | isbn = 0-415-26609-2}}</ref><ref>{{Cite book| last = Beckford | first = James A.| title = The Trumpet of Prophecy: A Sociological Study of Jehovah's Witnesses| publisher = Basil Blackwell | year = 1975 | location = Oxford | pages = 221| isbn = 0-631-16310-7|quote = Doctrine has always emanated from the Society's elite in Brooklyn and has never emerged from discussion among, or suggestion from, rank-and-file Witnesses.}}</ref><ref>{{cite journal|journal=The Watchtower|title=Focus on the Goodness of Jehovah's Organization|date = 2006-07-15|page=20|url=http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2006525|accessdate = 2012-06-16 }}</ref> Verovanja Jehovinih svedoka se temelje na njihovom tumačenju [[Biblija|Biblije]]<ref name="The Columbia Encyclopedia">{{Cite book|title=The Columbia Encyclopedia|publisher=Columbia University Press|year=2011|chapter=Jehovah's Witnesses|url = http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Jehovahs_Witnesses.aspx#4 |quote = The Witnesses base their teaching on the Bible.|isbn=978-0-7876-5015-5}}</ref><ref>{{cite book | last = Chryssides | first = George D. | title = Exploring New Religions | publisher = Continuum || date = 1999 | location = London | pages = 100 | isbn =0-8264-5959-5 | quote= Predictably, mainstream Christians accuse the New World Translation of inaccuracy, as if their own translations were thoroughly reliable. Jehovah's Witnesses will engage in discussion with others using whatever translation is available. }}</ref> pri čemu prednost daju sopstvenom prevodu ''[[Novi svet - prevod Svetog pisma]]''.<ref>{{cite book|author=Alan Rogerson|title=Millions Now Living Will Never Die|publisher=Constable|year=1969|page=70, 123|quote=This was the Witnesses' own translation of the New Testament ... now that the Society has decreed that they should use the New World Translation of the Bible in preference other versions, they are convinced their translation is the best.}}</ref><ref>Tess Van Sommers, ''Religions in Australia'', Rigby, Adelaide, 1966, page 92: "Since 1870, the Watch Tower Society has used more than seventy Bible translations. In 1961 the society released its own complete Bible in modern English, known as ''The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures''. This is now the preferred translation among English-speaking congregations."</ref><ref>{{cite book | last = Edwards | first = Linda | title = A Brief Guide to Beliefs | publisher = Westminster John Knox Press | date = 2001 | location = Louisville, Kentucky | pages = 438| isbn = 0-664-22259-5|quote=The Jehovah's Witnesses' interpretation of Christianity and their rejection of orthodoxy influenced them to produce their own translation of the Bible, ''The New World Translation''.}}</ref><ref>''Our Kingdom Ministry'', November 1992, "When we read from our Bible, the householder may comment on the clarity of language used in the New World Translation. Or we may find that the householder shows interest in our message but does not have a Bible. In these cases we may describe the unique features of the Bible we use and the reasons why we prefer it to others."</ref> Veruju kako je uništenje sadašnjeg sveta u [[Armagedon]]u skoro, te da je uspostavljanje [[Božje kraljevstvo|Božjeg kraljevstva]] na zemlji jedino rešenje za sve probleme čovečanstva.<ref name="Britannica Concise Encyclopedia">{{Cite book|title=Britannica Concise Encyclopedia|publisher=Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.|year=2007|chapter=Jehovah's Witness|isbn=978-1-59339-293-2}}</ref>
Grupa je nastala od [[pokret Proučavatelja Biblije|pokreta Proučavatelja Biblije]]—osnovanog krajem 1870-ih od [[Charles Taze Russell|Čarlsa Tejza Rasela]] kao [[Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania|Društvo Zionove kule stražare]]—a značajne organizacijske i doktrinarne promene su se dogodile pod vodstvom [[Joseph Franklin Rutherford|Džozefa Frenklina Raderforda]].<ref>{{cite journal|title=The Embryonic State of a Religious Sect's Development: The Jehovah's Witnesses|journal=Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain|editor=Michael Hill|year=1972|issue=5|pages=11–12|quote=Joseph Franklin Rutherford succeeded to Russell's position as President of Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society, but only at the expense of antagonizing a large proportion of the Watch Towers subscribers. Nevertheless, he persisted in moulding the Society to suit his own programme of activist evangelism under systematic central control, and he succeeded in creating the administrative structure of the present-day sect of Jehovah's Witnesses.}}</ref><ref>{{cite journal|author=Leo P. Chall|title=Sociological Abstracts|volume=26|issue=1–3|journal=Sociology of Religion|year=1978|page=193|quote=Rutherford, through the Watch Tower Society, succeeded in changing all aspects of the sect from 1919 to 1932 and created Jehovah's Witnesses—a charismatic offshoot of the Bible student community.}}</ref> Naziv ''Jehovini svedoci''<!--lower case is correct, became capitalized in 1970s-->, temeljen na Izaiji 43:10–12,<ref>{{bibleverse||Isaiah|43:10–12|ASV}}</ref> je uvedeno godine 1931. kako bi se razlikovali od drugih grupa Proučavatelja Biblije te simbolizovalo raskida sa Raselovim tradicijama.