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Twisted Sister je američki glam metal sastav koji se smatra osnivačem tog žanra.
| name = Twisted Sister
| logo = [[Archivo:Twisted Sister logo.png|220px]]
| image = File:20140802-350-See-Rock Festival 2014-Twisted Sister-John "Jay Jay" French and Daniel „Dee“ Snider.jpg
| caption = Twisted Sister performing in 2014:<br>(l-r) [[Jay Jay French]], [[Eddie Ojeda|Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda]] and [[Dee Snider]].
| image_size = 250
| landscape = Yes
| background = group_or_band
| origin = [[Massapequa]], [[Long Island]], [[New York]], [[United States]]
| genre = <!--DO NOT ADD GLAM METAL! They are called glam metal by unreliable sources that do not have their facts correct. They had an extreme look, but that doesn't make them glam. Glam is it's own genre with a different sound, and they do not have this sound. There is a consensus against adding glam metal. -->{{flatlist|
*[[Heavy metal music|Heavy metal]]<ref name=nolifetilmetal.com />
*[[hard rock]]<ref name="Campbell2011">{{cite book|author=M. Scott Campbell|title=Walk With Me Awhile|date=March 2011|publisher=Lulu.com|isbn=978-1-257-06315-4|pages=330–}}</ref>
*[[shock rock]]<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/Twisted-Sister/3412/|title=Twisted Sister reviews, music, news - sputnikmusic|publisher=|accessdate=16 September 2014}}</ref>
| alias = Bent Brother, Silverstar
| years_active = 1972–1989, 2003–present<br><small>(reunions: 1997, 2001, 2002)</small>
| label = [[Secret Records|Secret]], [[Atlantic Records|Atlantic]], [[Spitfire Records|Spitfire]], [[Razor & Tie]]
| associated_acts = [[Scarecrow (band)|Scarecrow]], [[Van Helsing's Curse]], Widowmaker, [[Desperado (band)|Desperado]], [[Magellan (band)|Magellan]], [[Plasmatics|The Plasmatics]], [[Hammerhead (band)|Hammerhead]], Cities, [[The Dictators]], [[Motionless in White]], SPX
| website = {{URL|twistedsister.com}}
| current_members = [[Jay Jay French]]<br>[[Eddie Ojeda]]<br>[[Dee Snider]]<br>[[Mark Mendoza]]
| past_members = <!--DO NOT CHANGE! Members are listed in accordance with Wikipedia guidelines.-->Kenny Neill<br>Mel Anderson<br>Michael O'Neill<br>Billy Stiger<br>Keith Angelino<br>Frank Karuba<br>Kevin John Grace<br>Tony Petri<br>Ritchie Teeter<br>Joey Brighton<br>[[Walt Woodward III]]<br>[[A. J. Pero]]<br>Joey Franco
Twisted Sister je američki glam metal sastav koji se smatra osnivačem tog žanra.
Formalno je osnovan 1972, a vrhunac popularnosti su uživali ranih 1980-ih,
<ref name="nolifetilmetal.com">{{cite web|url=http://nolifetilmetal.com/twistedsister.htm|title=CD Gallery - Twisted SisterSisterSister|publisher=nolifetilmetal.com|date=|accessdate=10. VII 2010}}</ref>
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