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|alongside = [[Scott Brown]]
|state = [[Massachusetts]]
|party = [[Demokratska stranka|Demokratska stranka]]
|term_start = 2. januar 1985.
|preceded = [[Paul Tsongas]]
|occupation = pravnik
|residence = [[Boston]], [[Massachusetts]]
|spouse = [[Julia Thorne]] (razvod)<br /> [[Teresa Heinz]]
|children = [[Alexandra Kerry]]<br /> [[Vanessa Kerry]]<br /> [[H. John Heinz IV]] (posunak)<br /> [[Andre Heinz]] (posinak)<br /> [[Christopher Heinz]] (posinak)
|alma_mater = [[Yale University]] <small>([[Bachelor of Arts|B.A.]])</small><br /> [[Boston College Law School]] <small>([[Juris Doctor|J.D.]])</small>
|religion = [[katolička crkva|rimokatolik]]
|order2 = 66. [[Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts]]
|rank = [[poručnik]]
|commands = PCF-44, PCF-94
|unit = {{USS|Gridley|DLG-21|6}}<br />Coastal Squadron 1
|battles = [[vijetnamski rat]]
|awards = [[Silver Star]]<br /> [[Bronze Star Medal|Bronze Star]]<br /> [[Purple Heart]] (3)
== Vanjske veze ==
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=== Službeni ===
* [http://www.johnkerry.com/ JohnKerry.com]—John Kerry's political web site
* [http://web.archive.org/web/20041209135553/www.johnkerry.com/about/john_kerry/military_records.html Kerry's military records]—from JohnKerry.com via the [[Internet Archive]]
* [http://www.johnkerryforsenate.com John Kerry for Senate]-Official 2008 senatorial re-election campaign website
* [http://kerry.senate.gov/ John Kerry's Online Office]—Official senatorial site
* [http://www.campaignforourcountry.com/ Campaign for Our Country]—PAC led by Kerry
=== Mediji ===
* Gibbs, Nancy and Waller, Douglas, [http://www.time.com/time/covers/1101040209/ What Kind of President Would Kerry Be?], [[Time (časopis)|Time]], February 9, 2004
* Schanberg, Sydney H., [http://www.villagevoice.com/2004-02-17/news/when-john-kerry-s-courage-went-m-i-a/ When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A., ''The Village Voice,'' February 17, 2004]
* [[Joe Klein|Klein, Joe]], "[http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?021202fa_fact1 The Long War of John Kerry: Can a Massachusetts Brahmin become President?]", ''[[The New Yorker]]'', December 2, 2002.
* Kranish, Michael, [http://www.boston.com/globe/nation/packages/kerry/ John Kerry: Candidate in the making], ''[[The Boston Globe]]'', June 15, 2003
* [http://www.audible.com/emails/debates The 2004 Debates]
* [http://freekerrybook.org/ The New Soldier, John Kerry's book] at FreeKerryBook.org
* [http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/mpapps/pagetools/print/news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3003306.stm Profile: John Kerry], [[BBC]] News
* [http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/choice2004/ Frontline: the choice 2004]—Thorough two-hour special comparing Kerry and Bush
* [http://openvault.wgbh.org/ton/MLA000391/index.html/ Black Political Task Force endorses John Kerry, 1984] on the WGBH series
* [http://openvault.wgbh.org/series/Ten+O%27Clock+News/ Ten O'clock News]
* [http://www.nysun.com/article/3775 Researcher Alleges Potential Plagiarism in 11 Passages of Kerry's Writings]
* [http://www.nationalreview.com/document/kerry200404231047.asp John Kerry's complete 1971 statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from National Review]
* [http://www.richmond.edu/~ebolt/history398/JohnKerryTestimony.html Selections from John Kerry's 1971 statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee]
* [http://www.jibjab.com/originals/originals/jibjab/movieid/65 This Land!] Popular [[viral video]] featuring John Kerry, 2004.
* [http://www.healthlink.org/ Healthlink]
* [http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/video.php?id=1607 Kerry Interview] on [[The Hour (Canadian TV series)|The Hour]] with [[George Stroumboulopoulos]]
* [http://www.archive.org/details/GreatSpeechesAndInterviewsWithJohnKerryAndOthers Obama rally with John Kerry and Others MP3] on February 2, 2008 in Sacramento, CA
=== Informacije ===
{{CongLinks | congbio = k000148 | votesmart = 53306 | washpo = John_F._Kerry | govtrack = 300060 | cspan = 1485 | ontheissuespath = Senate/John_Kerry.htm | surge = | legistorm = 57/Sen_John_Kerry.html | fec = S4MA00069 | opensecrets = N00000245 | followthemoney = | nyt = k/john_kerry | findagrave = }}
* {{worldcat id|id=lccn-n2002-14262}}
* [http://genealogy.about.com/od/presidents/p/john_kerry.htm About.com: Genealogy - Ancestry of John Forbes Kerry]
* [[s:Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement|Statement on behalf of Vietnam Veterans Against the War]]—April 1971.
* [http://www.cwes01.com/13790/23910/ktpp179-210.pdf John Kerry's Senate hearing testimony] to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 1971 (PDF file).
* [http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/cgi-bin/membervotes.cgi?&amp;lang=&amp;member=MAJR&amp;site=congressmerge&amp;address=&amp;city=&amp;state=&amp;zipcode=&amp;plusfour=&amp;fullvotes=1 Voting history for Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts in the 108th Congress]
* [http://fas.org/irp/congress/1992_rpt/bcci/ The BCCI Affair, A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate], by Senator John Kerry and Senator Hank Brown, December 1992
* [http://www.newsmeat.com/washington_political_donations/John_Kerry.php Political donations made by John Kerry]
* [http://www.snopes.com/politics/kerry/service.asp Snopes.com: "Service Mettle"]—''[[Urban Legends Reference Pages|Snopes.com]]'' on Kerry's Vietnam service medals
* [http://www.firefightersforkerry.com/campaign/story_10.php ''Tour of Duty'']—excerpt from Brinkley's book about Kerry's Vietnam service
* [http://judaism.about.com/od/jewishgenealogy/a/jewpas_kerry.htm Irish Catholic or Czech Jew?]—Kerry's long lost Jewish ethnic ancestry
* [http://www.boston.com/globe/nation/packages/kerry/images/day1/transcript.htm John Kerry's letter to his parents about Richard Pershing's death]—1968.
* [http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=John_Kerry Profile] from [[SourceWatch]]
=== Literatura ===
* Brinkley, Douglas, ''Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War'', William Morrow & Company, 2004. ISBN 0-06-056523-3
* Kerry, John and Vietnam Veterans Against the War, ''[http://freekerrybook.org/ The New Soldier]'', MacMillan Publishing Company, 1971. ISBN 0-02-073610-X
* Kerry, John, ''The New War: The Web of Crime That Threatens America's Security,'' Simon & Schuster, 1997. ISBN 0-684-81815-9
* Kerry, John, ''A Call to Service: My Vision for a Better America'', Viking Press, 2003. ISBN 0-670-03260-3
* Kerry, John and Teresa Heinz Kerry, ''This Moment on Earth: Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future'', PublicAffairs, 2007. ISBN 978-1-58658648-48431431-6
* Kranish, Michael, Brian C. Mooney, and Nina J. Easton. ''John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by The Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best'', PublicAffairs, 2004. ISBN 1-58648-273-4
* McMahon, Kevin, David Rankin, Donald W. Beachler and John Kenneth White. ''Winning the White House, 2004'', Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. ISBN 1-4039-6881-0
* O'Neill, John E. & Corsi, Jerome R. ''Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry'', [[Regnery Publishing]], 2004. ISBN 0-89526-017-4
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{{s-ttl|title=[[viceguverner Massachusettsa]]<br /><small>služio pod: [[Michael Dukakis]]</small>|years=6. januar 1983–2. januar 1985}}
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{{s-ttl|title=predsjednik Senatskog odbora za poduzetništvo i mala poduzeća|years=January 4, 2007–January 5, 2009}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Mary Landrieu]]<br /><small>[[Demokratska stranka SAD|D]]–[[Louisiana]]}}
{{Succession box
|before=[[Joe Biden]]<br /><small>[[Demokratska stranka SAD|D]]–[[Delaware]]
|title=[[Odbor Senata SAD za vanjske poslove|predsjednik Senatskog odbora za vanjske poslove]]
|years=6. januar 2009–
{{Succession box
|before= [[Paul Tsongas]]
|title=[[Demokratska stranka SAD|Demokratska]] nominacija za [[Senat SAD|senatora]] iz [[Popis senatora SAD iz Massachusettsa|MassachusettsMassachusettsa]]a<br />([[Klase senatora SAD|Klasa 2]])
|years= [[Izbori za Senat SAD u Massachusettsu 1984|1984]], [[Izbori za Senat SAD u Massachusettsu 1990|1990]], [[Izbori za Senat SAD u Massachusettsu 1996|1996]], [[Izbori za Senat SAD u Massachusettsu 2002|2002]], [[Izbori za Senat SAD u Massachusettsu 2008|2008]]
{{Succession box
|before= [[George J. Mitchell|George Mitchell]]<br /><small>[[Maine]]
|title=predsjednik [[Demokratski odbor za senatsku kampanju|Demokratskog odbora za senatsku kampanju]]
|years= 1987-1989
|after=[[John Breaux]]<br /><small>[[Louisiana]]</small>}}
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|before= [[Al Gore]]
|after=[[Barack Obama]]}}
{{S-bef|before=[[Jeff Bingaman]]<br /><small>[[Demokratska stranka SAD|D]]–[[Novi Meksiko|New Mexico]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Popis trenutnih senatora SAD po senioritetu|Senatori SAD po senioritetu]]|years=12.}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Tom Harkin]]<br />[[Demokratska stranka SAD|D]]–[[Iowa]]}}
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