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* [[Korisnik:Antidiskriminator/Pesak1]]
== POV Railroad ==
* Isolating the victim
* Using a condescending or threatening tone.
* Inserting [[WP:HIDDEN|hidden text]] that attempts to restrict editing without consensus.
* Reverting edits without due consideration, explanation or discussion on the article talk page.
* Giving cryptic responses to their opponent's attempts to discuss the reverted edits.
* Dropping talk page policy "bombs" that cite an alphabet soup of policies and guidelines without citing applicable sections of the policy or guideline.
* Misuse of policies and guidelines (for example: disallowing the addition of sourced content by citing [[WP:BURDEN]] which only applies to ''un-sourced'' content).
* [[WP:BAIT|Baiting and goading]] their opponent to incite incivility or edit warring.
* Making unsubstantiated accusations of advocacy, [[WP:COI|conflict of interest]], and pushing a point of view.
* Making accusations of disruptive behavior without providing diffs in violation of [[WP:NPA]]
* Locating a sympathetic administrator who finds the 'bad editor' narrative convincing, and takes action, despite little or no evidence.
* [[WP:CANVAS|Canvassing]] like-minded editors to join the talk page and "gang up" on the opposing editor.
* Forming a 'lynch mob' at a dispute resolution venue such as the [[WP:AN/I| administrator's noticeboard]].
== Other ==
* [http://books.google.rs/books?id=5jrHOKsU9pEC&pg=PA513&dq=%22miranda+vickers%22+pro-albanian&hl=sr&sa=X&ei=nCrzT9-mC87asgaxvpioCQ&ved=0CEkQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=%22miranda%20vickers%22%20pro-albanian&f=false Even the relatively pro-Albanian histories of Kosova written by Miranda Vickers and Noel Malcolm concede that the region probably had a predominantly Orthodox Christian and Slavic population from the eighth to the mid- nineteenth] - The Balkans: A Post-Communist History Аутор: Robert Bideleux,Ian Jeffries