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==Vanjski linkovi==
*[http://www.bayareaexperiences.com Bay Area Experiences.com] Community-built site with fun, non-touristy things to do in San Francisco and surrounding areas.
*[http://calej.org CalEJ.org]
*[http://calej.org CalEJ.org] user-generated TWiki featuring an [[environmental justice]] guide to the San Francisco Bay Area (launched Fall 2006, with an original focus on the East Bay)
*[http://www.sanfranciscorealestatebrain.com San Francisco Housing and Real Estate Guide] AggregatesVodič theza collective knowledge of the San Francisco real estate communitynekretnine.
*[http://www.sfcalendar.org SFCalendar.org] BringingKulturna you inspirational, cultural, educational, entertaining talks, discussions, films and other events in the San Francisco Bay Areadogađannja.
*[http://www.countryfield.com San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate] GuideVodič toza San Francisco Bay Area Real Estatenekretnine.
*[http://gotoes.org/put-ins/index.htm San Francisco Bay Area Boat Launch map] A collaboratively edited index of public boat launches helping to develop a water trail network.
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